02.28.2012 - 2012 WKA 2-cycle Spec Oil Program announcement

(CONCORD, N.C.) – Testing is completed for the 2012 WKA Spec Oil Program all classes in the George Kugler / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup and 2-cycle spec fuel classes in the Vega / TS Racing Road Racing series, both driven by Mazda.

All oils submitted to WKA passed testing. All oils submitted are included in the 2012 Manufacturers Cup and Road Racing Spec Oil programs.

The following oils are approved in 2012 for Man Cup and Road Racing.
-          AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic
-          Avenger (SPL) Extreme Castor
-          Blendzall Green Racing Castor
-          Blendzall Racing Castor
-          Blendzall Ultra Racing Castor
-          Burris Blend
-          Burris Castor
-          Motul 800 2T
-          Red Line Two-Cycle Kart Oil
-          Red Line Two-Stroke Racing Oil
-          Rev Clean Racing Castor
-          TS Engine Oil
-          XERAMIC Castor Evolution 2T (Russell)
The 2012 WKA Spec Oil Program begins for both Manufacturers Cup and Road Racing this March 23-25 at the Carolina Motorsports Park doubleheader national event. The program runs through Daytona KartWeek, December 27-30, 2012.
WKA thanks all oil manufacturers and distributors for submitting their oils for the 2012 program. Approved oils will be listed on all 2012 Manufacturers Cup and Road Racing entry forms and race event literature.