12.14.2012 - Set of Hoosiers to Yamaha Sportsman Medium Daytona Road Race winner

hoosier logoCONCORD, N.C. – Hoosier Racing Tires has signed on to sponsor the Yamaha Sportsman Lite and Animal Sprint 385 classes on the 2013 National Road Racing Series, and as a valuable feature in Hoosier and WKA’s new agreement, the Indiana company will award a certificate for a set of tires at each of the Road Racing national events in 2013.

The set of Hoosiers certificate will go to the winner of a different class at each national event. At the Daytona Road Racing Championships, coming up this December 27-30 at the famed 3.56-mile DIS road course, the winner of Yamaha Sportsman Medium will take home the Hoosier Tire certificate.

“Yamaha Sportsman Medium is a very competitive class and has been for many years,” Hoosier’s Adam Batton said. “I know WKA is expecting some great fields at Daytona, and this class will be one of the best. We’re happy to award the Daytona winner of Sportsman Medium a set of tires and we’re looking forward to continuing this program throughout the 2013 season.”

The Hoosier certificate winner will be responsible for freight charges. Ordering details will appear on the certificate.

This now makes for eight sets of tires to be awarded to Road Racing winners at Daytona. A set of Hoosiers will go to Animal Sprint 335, 360, 385 and 410 winners. The Hoosier certificate will go to the Sportsman Medium winner, and a set of VEGA tires will go to the winner of Stock Honda 2, Stock Leopard 2 and TaG 2.