05.29.2013 - Manufacturers Cup Yamaha Rookie rule change, Rookie ONLY drivers meeting at South Bend

CONCORD, N.C. – WKA has made a change to the lap-traffic rule for the Yamaha Rookie Sportsman division in the Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series.

The event starter (flagger) will now show lap traffic in the Yamaha Rookie Sportsman division the black flag before the race leaders approach the lap karts. Once the black flag is displayed, lapped drivers will then need to exit the track, clearing the racing surface for the lead karts and minimizing the chance of an accident due to lap traffic.

Lap traffic receiving the black flag will not be disqualified. Drivers should report to the scales as they normally would at the end of the race.

This change will be in effect for the Top Kart USA Grand Nationals June 28-30 at South Bend, Indiana, and remain in effect through the remainder of the 2013 Man Cup season.

Black-flagging lap traffic is the norm in all other Manufacturers Cup divisions, and the Yamaha Rookie division will now follow suit.

In addition, a special Yamaha Rookie ONLY drivers meeting will be held at the Top Kart USA Grand Nationals in South Bend, Indiana. The meeting will be held to go over the flags and make every attempt possible that Rookie drivers understand what each flag means, and what they should do when a specific flag or notification is displayed from the head starter.

The Rookie ONLY drivers meeting will be mandatory for all Yamaha Rookie class entrants at South Bend and will take place immediately following the regular event drivers meeting, either Friday after practice or Saturday morning. Announcements will be made at the track.

Click here to view and print the South Bend Man Cup entry form.

Direct questions to Keith Shampine at WKA at 704-455-1606.