BENSALEM, Pa. – Grand Products, distributor of Bridgestone Kart Racing Tires, has been in contact with Bridgestone North America in regards to the concerns raised over the barcodes on tires used at round four of the World Karting Association (WKA) Manufacturers Cup Series in South Bend, Indiana. 

In response to concerns and rumors, Grand Products states the following.

•    Barcodes on the Bridgestone Tires are simply that, bar codes for tech purposes.
•    These barcodes do not represent a date manufactured, a batch code or any other traceable manufacturing process.
•    Barcodes are printed and placed on tires at random. Barcodes with a higher number do not represent a newer tire.

Grand Products reminds dealers and competitors in the field to control their inventory using the first-in, first-out method and to utilize proper storage methods in their facility and when in the field to always ensure best performance.

Grand Products constantly monitors its inventory levels, and has a process to ensure the proper first-in, first-out distribution methods are used.

For more information on Grand Products and Bridgestone Racing Tires please contact Grand Products at 215.244.1940.