Zero Error Iron Cross-1800CONCORD, N.C. – The August 16-18 Zero Error Racing / Checkered Motorsports Nationals at Pittsburgh International Race Complex marks a big event for billet aluminum race parts manufacturer Zero Error Racing.

First, Zero Error is co-sponsoring a WKA Manufacturers Cup national event for the first time along with PCR Chassis importer Checkered Motorsports. The event takes place at the popular Pittsburgh International Race Complex, Zero Error’s home track located only about hour from the Zero Error shop.

And for the third Manufacturers Cup national in a row Zero Error is posting 11 new rear axles for the new Zero Error Hard Charger Award.

The 11 axles will be awarded to the drivers who set the fastest lap of the weekend in each of the 11 categories, comprising Yamaha Rookie, Yamaha Sportsman, Komet Sportsman, Cadet Sportsman, Yamaha Junior, Komet Junior, TaG Senior, Parilla Senior, Yamaha Senior, Komet Pro and TaG Masters.

The fastest lap means exactly that. Whichever driver turns the best lap of the weekend wins the axle. The lap can be turned in any round of competition, excluding practice, and be set either Saturday or Sunday.

At the Man Cup Grand Nationals in June at JET Karting, Chase Jones, Austin Schaff, Garrett Johnston, Connor Ferris, Brandon Lemke, Emerson Reed, Patrick Olsen, Scott Ferris, Sam Mayer and Kyle Kalish went home with a new Zero Error axle.

Pre-registration for the Zero Error Racing / Checkered Motorsports Nationals closes at the end of the week. Click here to view and print the entry form.