Only $100 entry fee to run two classes

CONCORD, N.C. – Racers looking to compete in the new Briggs & Stratton Racing Pro Gas Animal classes that will run Sunday, December 29 at the WKA / Tri-State Daytona Dirt World Championships will be able to do so at a very reasonable cost.

WKA has posted a special $50 entry fee for both the Gas Animal trophy class and the big $2,000-To-Win Pro Gas Animal, meaning racers can run both classes for just a $100 entry fee.

Racers competing in Pro Gas Animal must run the Gas Animal trophy class.

The Pro Gas Animal has received a tremendous amount of buzz since it’s announcement a couple weeks ago. The division will not only pay $2,000 to the winner, but each of the top-five finishers will win a new Briggs & Stratton Racing WKA Pro Gas engine. The class winner’s engine will be race-ready while second- through fifth-place finishers will win Briggs Pro Gas Animal engine kits.

Click here to view the 2013 Pro Gas Gold Cup engine rules. Rules for the WKA Dirt event will mirror the Gold Cup engine rules.

The Pro Gas Animal has served as a less-expensive alternative to the traditional methanol-powered Animal.  Here are some of the benefits to the Pro Gas Animal engine as opposed to the methanol.

Technical aspects of WKA Pro Gas Animal Program

Basic Briggs Animal engine

•    Reduced labor time and lower cost to build engine

•    Lower engine & maintenance cost

•    Performance equality emphasized utilizing some spec internal and external components

•    Increased engine durability

•    Increased time between rebuilds

•    User friendly with pump gasoline usage

•    Eliminates the carburetor corrosion issues that we currently have with Methanol fuel

Engine performance

•    Senior classes will be slightly lower HP at lower RPM levels but very comparable at high RPM levels.

If you’re interested in running Pro Gas Animal at Daytona and would like more information, contact WKA’s Keith Shampine at 704-455-1606.