Kyle Smith Will Be Absent From Karting Paddock For The Next Year

kylesmith pitt 2012STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (July 18, 2012) - The Kyle Smith Motorsports crew had a disappointing performance at the WKA MKP Nationals in South Bend, a weekend where speed or luck could not be found, Kyle was only able to secure a best finish of 8th. After the weekend races, Smith announced that he would not return to the circuit for at least a year.

“Not the way I wanted to do it, but this weekend I announce that I will be hanging up my helmet for an undisclosed time. A chance of a lifetime to go to school and be an ambassador in Germany awaits me in just one months time. The weekend was far from perfect, but we fought hard for anything we could get, getting one top ten. To mature and get to the level of competition that I have done over my years of karting has been immaculate. I have to thank everyone over these amazing years whether it was Will Tenney of for my first real kart, Eric Jones supporting me through my junior years, or my most recent endeavor with Checkered Motorsports PCR USA and my best friend and teammate Robert Bujdoso. My family made tremendous sacrifices both with time and money. All fully supported me and have helped me become the driver I am today, ranked 12th in the TaG standings, an impressive feat I believe. However, as said before the chance of a lifetime to move across the globe for a year takes me away from the sport and paddock that I love. Upon return college and international relations await me. I hope to be back whether in a kart, car, or as a mechanic. I appreciate anyone who has helped, raced, or simply been in the paddock over these years. I sincerely love you all, and thank you all for the best years of my life.”

Kyle is currently looking for sponsorship opportunities upon return, and will attempt to run occasional one-off events in the next year. The Checkered Motorsports crew and all sponsors, including GO Designs and Gear Up, wish Smith luck in his great opportunity.

Kyle would like to thank the following people. Everyone at Checkered Motorsports/PCR Distribution and specifically Csaba Budjoso and Doru Stoia, everyone at Comet Kart Sales and Racing Engines, Sean Cook, Jeff Smith, and his family for their support.

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