11.13.2012 - MGM / Moon Power posting set of Hoosiers to Animal Sprint winners at Daytona Road Race

kartweek-4c-CONCORD, N.C. – The laurels of winning a senior Animal Sprint main event at the WKA VEGA / TS Racing Road Racing Series’ December 27-30 Daytona Championships will feature a cool bonus at this year’s edition of the Daytona KartWeek event.

MGM Chassis Co. and Moon Power have joined forces with Hoosier Racing Tire and WKA in a class sponsorship package that will give back to the 4-cycle Animal racers that have helped make the classes some of the most competitive on the circuit for several years running.

Each winner of the four senior Animal Sprint classes at Daytona – Animal Sprint 335, 360, 385 and 410 – will be awarded a complete set of 4.50 10x6” Hoosier tires, compliments of MGM, Moon Power and Hoosier Racing Tire.

“We’re very excited to offer these awards to Animal Sprint winners at Daytona,” WKA’s Keith Shampine stated. “The Animal Sprint classes have been a benchmark for competition on the National Road Racing Series for a number of years, and we’re pleased award a set of Hoosiers to the Daytona winners.

“WKA is committed to giving back to the racers that help make the sport possible,” Shampine continued. “A good start in 2013 is providing some valuable product awards to Daytona winners. Many thanks go out to Paul Rice at MGM, Moon Power and the great people at Hoosier for making this possible.”

MGM, located in Concord, N.C., is one of the top karting chassis manufacturers, specializing in sprint-enduro chassis, dirt oval and Gold Cup-style sprint mounts. Moon Power, based in Indianapolis, Ind., is a top 4-cycle engine builder with many engines represented in WKA Road Racing and Gold Cup.

MGM and Moon Power have also signed on to sponsor the Animal Sprint 360 class for the 2013 Road Racing season. Hoosier Racing Tire has renewed its sponsorship in Animal Sprint 385 and will also sponsor Yamaha Sportsman Lite in 2013.

Animal Sprint 335 and 385 will run as the sixth race Saturday, December 29 at Daytona. Animal Sprint 360 and 410 run in the first race group on Sunday morning, December 30.

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