06.20.2012 - New engine, tire and chassis tracking procedures in place at MRP for Leopard class

CONCORD, N.C. – In an effort to create a less tedious, but more effective, streamlined process of marking tires, as well as painting motors following qualifying during the Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series events, WKA officials have come up with a more uniform process that will quickly help identify the engine, chassis and tires on competitors karts, thus weeding out the potential for an unapproved change that may create a performance enhancement.

Beginning with the MKP Nationals at Michiana Raceway Park July 6-8, competitors in the Parilla Leopard class will be given an official entry sheet at registration, which they will use to denote the Engine Seal No., the Chassis Seal No., which will be the wristband that is currently used on the kart, as well as list the serial numbers on all four of their Bridgestone tires.

Chassis and motors will be sealed upon competitors’ arrival at inspection. Upon filling the sheets out, competitors will bring the sheet up with them as they come to the grid for their qualifying effort, and present them to a WKA official. Once the Leopard class is completely at the grid and all sheets have been obtained, the information will be turned over to the WKA Tech Inspectors, who will check the corresponding numbers on the sheet against the respective items.

If numbers do not correspond on any item, or if any part of the entry form is not properly filled out, competitor will be subject to immediate disqualification. Sheet MUST be presented as drivers come to the grid, or competitor will not be allowed to participate.

If the procedure goes well, officials are hopeful the process can be expanded to cover all classes in the Manufacturers Cup Series in the near future.

While many in the 2-cycle ranks are not accustomed to an Engine Seal, attached is a photo of a standard engine seal, normally used in 4-cycle competition.

Click here to view or download the kart entry form.


Photographs showing Leopard engine seal (click to enlarge)
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