07.25.2012 - Important engine tech items for Norway Man Cup

CONCORD, N.C. – At the KartLift Nationals at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway, WKA will be expanding the new engine tagging system to include all the KPV-Komet classes and all TaG classes in addition to the Leopard class that began at South Bend.

The KPV engines will be tagged from one head nut to the adjacent head fin.

All Leopard and TaG engines will be tagged from one front head bolt down to one of the top reed cage bolts. (Rotax engines will use the tag as installed per Rotax series procedures)

All bolts and nuts must be drilled with a minimum 1/16" hole diameter hole -- 3/32" is preferred for ease of installation.

We encourage everyone to properly prepare your engines before arriving at the next event. Drilling hardware at the track can prove difficult.

No one will be able to qualify unless the engine tags are in place and the proper paperwork has been completed.


Komet Sportsman
Komet Jr Lite
Komet Jr Heavy
TaG 1
TaG 2
TaG Masters
Komet Lite (senior)
Komet Heavy (senior)
Parilla Leopard
Komet engine tag example photos (click to enlarge)
komet-1 800x600 komet-2 800x600 komet-3 800x600
Example of TaG engine seal (click to enlarge)
dump--june-2012 005