07.26.2012 - Vega tires legal for flat-karts at Chapel Hill

CONCORD, N.C. – Following up the Pit Board announcement regarding Speedway Pavement Grand National tire rules – released July 19 – Vega tires are legal for flat-kart divisions at the Chapel Hill Aug. 10-12.

The original Pit Board stated that Firestones were legal in flat-kart divisions and Vega in champ-kart classes. However, King George Speedway, a recognized WKA Speedway Pavement divisional program in 2012, allowed flat-kart divisions to run Vegas.

All flat-kart divisions are permitted to run Vega, Firestone or Burris at Chapel Hill.

Click here to read the Chapel Hill tire rules Pit Board that was sent July 19.

Click here to view the event’s entry form.