08.28.2012 - McLaughlin Motorsports awarding F-2000 tests to Junior Man Cup winners

mclaughlin black08.28.2012 (Indianapolis, Ind.) – McLaughlin Motorsports, the sponsor of the final round of the 2012 World Karting Association Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series Sept. 14-16 at New Castle (Ind.) Motorsports Park, is pleased to announce that two Junior feature winners at the McLaughlin Motorsports Grand Nationals will be given an opportunity to test the new Ralph Firman Cars Formula 2000 car at the Putnam Park (Ind.) Road Course later this year.

McLaughlin Motorsports is the U.S. importer for Ralph Firman Cars (F-1000 and F-2000 formula cars).

The winners of Saturday’s Yamaha Jr Lite and Komet Jr Heavy and Sunday’s Yamaha Jr Heavy and Komet Jr Lite main events will be eligible for the tests.

One of Saturday’s Junior final winners and one of Sunday’s Junior final winners will be presented with a testing contract, which will include a half day of testing, free of charge, at Putnam Park.

If, by the rare chance, one driver wins all four Junior mains at New Castle, the driver will be awarded a full day of testing.

“We feel the talent pool within the Junior ranks at WKA has never been higher and the candidates that get selected will be racers that we would like to see in one of our cars in the near future,” according to Bill McLaughlin Jr. of McLaughlin Motorsports.

If you have questions, contact Bill Jr. at McLaughlin Motorsports at 317-858-8888.

Pre-registration for the McLaughlin Motorsports Grand Nationals is open through Wednesday, Sept. 5.

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