12.04.2012 - Man Cup engine seal notes for Daytona KartWeek

CONCORD, N.C. – The new engine tagging system was implemented in all WKA Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series classes throughout the 2012 season.

With the Daytona KartWeek Margay Sprint Championships nearing, we’re taking a moment to note a few items that will make the engine tagging system work more efficiently at Daytona and through the 2013 season.

  1. The drilled hole in all nuts and bolts should be chamfered and/or de-burred so that sharp edges cannot create damage to the sealing wire. (see photo No. 1 below)
  1. All bolt heads and sealing nuts must be drilled through. The sealing wire must pass through the head of the fastener. The holes in the head bolts should be positioned slightly above the end of the head studs to allow the wire to pass easily over the end of the stud. In the future, the sealing wire will be run in one side and out the other of the head nuts. Adding an extra washer under the nut can help to properly position the holes above the stud. (see photo No. 2 below)
  1. The use of a 16mm long bolt in the Yamaha ignition cover will allow adding two to three extra washers, thus allowing the head of the bolt to be lifted up from the cover. This will make it much easier to install the wire through the bolt head. (see photo No. 3 below)

Also, please remember that it is the driver’s (or mechanic’s) responsibility to inspect the seals (chassis and engine) in the scale area. Any broken seals must be reported to the tech personnel BEFORE leaving the scale area. Broken seals reported after leaving the scale area will result in being placed in the rear for the next portion of the event.



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