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05.26.2016 – Remembering What is Most Important This Weekend

CONCORD, NC – For many, this weekend is circled on the calendar every year as the greatest weekend in motorsports, a long 3-day weekend, a weekend of picnics, parties, concerts, and celebrations.

As we celebrate some, or all of those events, while you’re sitting at the race track, or at the picnic table, take a moment to reflect on the many people who fought, bled, perished, and are still fighting for the freedom you have to enjoy your family and friends, the events you have the great luxury to attend, the freedom to get in your car and go where you want, do what you want, and hang out with who you want.

We have true heroes in our military who are fighting to make sure you have that luxury, one that all too often is taken for granted, not purposely. But because we are so caught up in our own lives that truly pale in comparison to what our brothers and sisters in the military are going through each day.

When you sit at the track, consider the seat you are in. Your military isn’t fighting to join you in the seat next to you. They are fighting first and foremost to make sure you will always have the freedom to have the seat you are in, to continue to enjoy what you love the most in life, while hoping one day, they may have the same luxury, but only after they are comfortable in the fact that you are well protected.

And when the weekend concludes, and you head to your next weekend, albeit not as special as this past weekend, remember your service men and women, who are fighting to continue to provide you that same freedom, no matter how special or dull your weekends are. For them, there IS no dull weekend.

Forget the animosity, the complaining of long lines in airports and on the road, or at the grocery store, and remember the people who fight for you to have the freedoms we take for granted each day.

On this weekend, and each day, WE REMEMBER OUR MILITARY. God Bless you all, and God Bless America!!!!!

05.26.2016 – Parking Reservations Now Open for Carolina Summer Nationals at Kershaw

CONCORD, NC – As entries begin to make their way into the WKA Office for the Carolina Nationals, the second event for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series June 24-26 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina, competitors wishing to reserve parking can now finalize their reservations for the summer event.

Parking for the Carolina Nationals will begin Thursday June 23 for sponsors at 11am, with competitor parking following at noon. Cost for reserved parking is $50. Pre Entry Pickup will take place later in the day from 3-6pm.

On Friday, the track will entertain a full day of practice, beginning at 8:30am, running till 4:30pm. At 4:45, the Sportsman and Junior Pro Gas competitors will begin their qualifying runs for their respective 10 lap Shootout Races, sponsored by Brads Heating and Cooling. The winner of the 10 lap Shootouts will receive $200, with $100 going to second, and the third place finisher getting $50. Trophies will also be awarded to the top 3. Following the Shootout events, the Senior Pro Gas competitors will take to the track for their Money race, with drivers drawing for their initial starting positions. At the halfway mark, the leader will draw a pill to determine how many in the field fill be inverted. At Jacksonville, Jake Heavlow drew the #1 pill, maintaining his spot, and cruising on to the win. The event carries a $50 entry fee with 75% payback to the top 5, based on entry count.

Saturday and Sunday events will feature 11 classes both days, 6 of those classes running for an overall purse of $500 to the weekends overall best finisher, with $250 to second, and $150 to third. Those classes include the Brads Heating and Cooling Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy Class, Junior Pro Gas Lite, the Briggs & Stratton Racing Junior Pro Gas Heavy Class, Senior Pro Gas Medium, sponsored by Coyote Motorsports and Jims Marine, Senior Pro Gas Heavy, sponsored by Bordeaux Dyno Cams and Trackside Kart Supply, and Senior LO206, sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Racing and Inferno Racing Clutches.

Adding to the purses for the Kershaw event will be added laps for competitors as well. Drivers in the Sportsman, Junior, and Senior classes will run the same amount of laps in their heats as in the past, which has been 8, with the Sportsman and Junior drivers having their laps in the final extended from 12 to 15 laps, while the seniors will run 20 lap main events, up from 12 laps as well.

Recouping a large part of your entry money and additional track time, two of the major items competitors are looking for, are both on the menu at Kershaw.

Be sure and lock in your parking reservations today. Contact Buddy Long at the WKA Office at (704) 455-1606, ext. 112, or buddy@worldkarting.com.

To view the weekend schedule of events and finalize your details for the Carolina Summer Nationals, click here.

05.19.2016 – Summit Point Nationals Just 2 Weeks Away

CONCORD, NC – The brief pause of the WKA Karting season will culminate in a little over 2 weeks when the  Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting kicks off the stretch of national karting events for 2016.

With the March event in Savannah, Georgia serving as the most recent stop for the series, competitors in both Sprint and Laydown categories will be challenged by the series third stop for the season at the historic Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia for the Summit Point Nationals June 4 and 5.

Run by the Woodbridge Kart Club, the Summit Point event will kick off the 1st of 3 Road Race events over the next 4 months, with the remaining 2 events at new venues to WKA, the first being the inaugural run at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, Virginia July 29-31, followed by the series first venture to Atlanta Motorsports Park in Georgia for the series Grand National event September 16-18.

In addition to the WKA national classes being offered at Summit Point, WKC will also be offering Local Option Classes, including Junior CIK Lite and Heavy, Open Sprint, Vintage USA, Vintage Limited, Vintage Euro, and Animal Limited Modified. The TaG Junior class, new for 2016, will also be offered as a Local Option Class.

Online Registration is available now by going to WoodbridgeKartClub.com. Make check payable to:

Woodbridge Kart Club

462 Earle Road

Charles Town, West Virginia 25414

To view the weekend schedule and register for the weekends action at Summit Point, click here.

05.17.2016 – Tech Update

CONCORD, NC – Just as a point of clarification regarding the LO206 exhaust systems — per 708.2.1 — only the RLV # 5506 and RLV #5507 are legal — the pipes are to be run as manufactured with absolutely no alterations or modifications. This means no bending, no twisting, etc. — This rule is valid for all classes / all divisions running the LO206 engine

05.12.2016 – Kershaw Gold Cup Entry Blank Now Online

CONCORD, NC – The momentum of the top 4 Cycle Sprint Series in America heads into the heat of the summer months as the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series prepares for stop #2 of the 4 race national program June 24-26 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina for the latest edition of the Carolina Nationals.

Competitors wishing to get a jump on the second race of the season, the first of 2 stops in 2016 at the immaculate Palmetto State facility, can now view the race weekends information online.

Keeping in line with the series first event of the season in April at Jacksonville, Florida, 6 of the 11 national points classes will have a shot at a $500 payday, provided they are the top overall finisher in the weekends events per national class. The 2nd highest overall finisher will receive $250, with 3rd place receiving $150. The classes that are eligible for this payout are:

Senior Pro Gas Medium, sponsored by Coyote Motorsports and Jims Marine

Senior Pro Gas Heavy, sponsored by Bordeaux Dyno Cams and Trackside Kart Supply

Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy, sponsored by Brads Heating and Cooling

Junior Pro Gas Lite

Junior Pro Gas Heavy, sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Racing

Senior LO206, sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Racing and Inferno Racing Clutches

Additionally, laps have been increased for national competitors in the Sportsman, Junior, and Senior classes. With 11 national classes, the timeframe doesn’t afford ample time to get 2 rounds of heat races in the books. So laps in the mains for Sportsman’s and Juniors will increase from 12 to 15, with Senior competitors being increased from 12 to 20 for their main event, providing competitors the all- important track time they desire.

Action kicks off Friday with a full day of practice, culminating with the Brads Heating and Cooling Shootout Races for the Sportsman and Junior Pro Gas competitors, paying $200 to win, with $100 for second, and $50 going to third in the 10 lap shootout affairs. Trophies will also be awarded to the top 3. Additionally, the Senior Pro Gas Money Race will also take place, with drivers running for a 75% payback in their class, based on participation.

Deadline for the first Tier of entry fees is June 8, giving drivers plenty of time to get their entries in. Anyone wishing to reserve parking should contact Buddy Long at the WKA Office at (704) 455-1606 ext. 112.

To view the Carolina Nationals weekend schedule, click here.

05.11.2016 – Additional Track Time Highlights Additions to Kershaw Gold Cup Weekend

CONCORD, NC – As competitors on the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series busily prepare for the programs second event of the 2016 season June 24-26 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina, WKA Officials are also busy at work, enhancing the structure of the 2016 program, based on feedback from the membership.

One of the key areas of concern was the amount of track time competitors were getting at the series’ first event in April in Jacksonville, Florida. After assessing the first event, combined with the layout of the Kershaw track, as well as the hour of traditional Quiet Time on Sunday at Kershaw, it was determined that a second round of heat races would be tough to pull off, with 11 classes. Instead, the laps in the finals for competitors in the Sportsman, Junior, and Senior ranks would be increased, satisfying not only the need for more track time, but also preventing the thrashing of crewmembers and drivers who are entered in 3 classes from constantly going to and from the grid between practice, qualifying, conceivably 2 rounds of heat races, and a main.

That being said, competitors in the Sportsman and Junior classes will run an 8 lap heat race, same as last year at Kershaw, with laps in the Final for Sportsman and Junior competitors increased to 15 from 12, with Seniors being extended to 20 laps in their final. Seniors will also run an 8 lap Heat Race.

Additionally, the purse structure will also remain the same for the series second event, with 6 points classes running for a $500 to win payday, based off of overall weekend performance. Runner-ups in the respective Pro classes will get $250 with $150 going to third. The Pro Classes for Kershaw will be Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy, Junior Pro Gas Lite and Heavy, Senior Pro Gas Medium and Heavy, as well as Senior LO206.

The traditional Friday Night Shootout races, sponsored by Brad’s Heating and Cooling, will again be in place as well, with $200 on the line to win for the Sportsman and Junior Pro Gas competitors, while second will run for $100, third place receiving $50.

The Senior Pro Gas Class will again have their Friday night Money race, always a fan favorite, with that event following the shootout events.


It’s a packed weekend of action from beginning to end!! To view the weekends schedule, click here.

05.03.2016 – Gold Cup Points from Jax now available

CONCORD, NC – With the first race in the books for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series, the official 2016 points following the season opening event at 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida are now available.

Leading the way by virtue of his sweep in the Boon and Sons LO206 Kid Kart Class is Brently Miller, holding the edge over Gold Cup newcomer Rachel Richter.

After sweeping the entire weekend in Sportsman competition, defending champion Aiden Baker Crouse is atop the standings in 3 classes. Crouse leads Cale Hall in the Sportsman Gas Lite class, with Landen Lewis, former Kid Kart competitor Blake Boon, and Elmer Edmonson completing the top 5. In the Brads Heating and Cooling Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy class, Crouse leads Lewis in the standings, with Tanner Carter, Cale Hall, and Elmer Edmonson completing the top 5, while Crouse completes the trifecta in Race #1, leading former Kid Kart competitor Caleb Gafrarar, Edmonson, Kevin Lanyi, and Blake Boon in the LA South Tire Sportsman LO206 class.

In Junior competition, Matt Miller, a 2-time champion in 2015, again leads 2 of the 3 Junior categories, holding the edge over Brian Van Cleve and Jimmy Cole Jackson, who are currently tied for second in the Junior Pro Gas Lite class, while Miller leads Cade Frazier, Jackson, Hunter Fox, and Andrew Willis in the Water Medic Junior LO206 group. Cody Hall holds the edge over Miller in the Briggs & Stratton Racing Junior Pro Gas Heavy class, with Van Cleve, Jackson, and Alex Vrabel completing the top 5.

Jacob Heavlow has broken out of the gate in both the Senior Pro Gas Medium class, sponsored by Coyote Motorsports and Jims Marine, as well as the Senior Pro Gas Heavy class, sponsored respectively by Briggs & Stratton Racing and Inferno Racing Clutches. Heavlow leads older brother Jimmy, along with Sean Meier, Mike Greiner, and Matthew Lewis in the Medium category, while the Heavlow brother tandem also leads the Senior Pro Gas Heavy class, sponsored by Bordeaux Dyno Cams and Trackside Kart Supply. Matt Mayes, Matt Travis, and Matthew Lewis complete the top 5 in the standings.

In the Senior LO206 Heavy class, sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Racing and Inferno Racing Clutches, Michael Clark has bolted out to the early lead, with the slightest of leads over Jax weekend winner Corey Towles. While just 5 points separate the top 2, Jason Yarbrough, Patrick O’Neal, and Sean Meier are in the hunt.

And finally in the Briggs & Stratton Racing Masters Senior LO206, a new class for 2016, Joey Miller also holds a slim 5-point advantage over Brad Farmer, with Tim Stiefel, Jerry Yarbrough, and Vernon Sparks making up the top 5.

Whether the points see a shakeup, or they get extended by the current points leaders will be determined June 24-26 when the series hits the track at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina for the Series second stop, the Carolina Summer Nationals.

To view the current series points standings, click here.

04.28.2016 – Updated Road Race National Points and Chassis Standings available

CONCORD, NC – With 2 races in the books for the Dunlop/Xeramic National Road Race Series presented by Russell Karting in the books, the series sets its focus on the Summit Point Nationals, the next major event on the WKA calendar June 4 and 5 at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia.

Following the exciting events at Daytona and Roebling Road, Competition Karting Incorporated has again taken its place atop the leader board in the chassis standings for yet another season, posting 28 wins in the first two events of the year. And after just relocating their shop a week or so ago, CKI looks to maintain that momentum at Summit in a little over a month. MGM Chassis is currently second in the standings with 6 wins this year, followed closely by Hatcher with 4 wins, while Margay and DRT have 3 wins apiece. Owl, Velocity, Cosmic, Arrow, and Dominator have 2 wins to their credit this season, while single event wins belong to Intrepid, Phantom, Dragon, PRD, Elite, Cyclone, Coyote, Corsa, and PVP.

In the national standings, Lance Yunck holds a commanding lead over Michael Tracy in the 100cc Controlled class, while William Morsberger has quite a substantial lead over Anthony Vaccaro in the Matthai Material Handling 100cc Piston Port Class. Duane Eberharts win at Roebling Road has placed him atop the standings in the B Stock Class, holding a 35 point lead over Benjamin Eberhart.

Cole Peschang holds the lead in the Junior Animal Lite standings, while Stephen Wheatley leads Blake Beattie in the Hoosier Racing Tire Animal Lite class. Wheatley also currently holds down the top spot in the Animal Medium division, while Steve Johnson has the edge over Robert Garland in the Animal Heavy class.

In Clone competition, Blake Beattie holds the edge over Rob Hindery in the Clone LO206 Lite category, while Robert Garland is currently atop the Clone LO206 Heavy standings.

Travis Miller heads to Summit Point with a 90 point edge over Lance Yunck in the Formula 100 class, sponsored by Millers Dynotime Racing and KALL Racing, while Brian Wilhelm holds a slim 4 point edge over Robby Harper in the Formula 125 class, one of the tightest battles in the series.

Thomas Dupont leaves Roebling Road with a healthy lead over James Crawford in the 125 Sprint Shifter class, while the battle in the Fisher Racing Engines Stock Honda class is a tight one, with Steven Rougeou holding a 5 point edge over Stephen Flatt.

Quincy Smith leads Walter Troup by a mere 10 points in the WT Racing Leopard Sprint class, with David Benham leading Emmit Rodriguez by 33 points in the West Texas Outlaws TaG Heavy category.

The battle in The Agile Group sponsored Unlimited class is also a tight one with Jeff Standridge holding a slim 13 point edge over Ron Miller, while John Jazierski has a little bit of cushion over Louie Magiera in the WKA Sprint class.

The Magiera family is well represented up top in the Yamaha Sportsman and Yamaha Sprint Classes class with Dawn Magiera holding a commanding lead over Dan Febbroriello in the Sportsman category, while Louie has a huge lead over Dennis Cole in the Sprint class.

Ryan Hatcher leads the Foster 4J Ranch Yamaha Medium class by just 10 points over Lamar Hilliard, with David McCauley holding a commanding lead over Hatcher in the Yamaha Heavy class.

In the CKI Yamaha Sportsman class, Matt Michel and David Lee are involved in a tight battle, with Michel holding a 15 point margin for the lead, while also leading Lee in the Yamaha Sportsman Heavy class.

The battles will continue at Summit in a few weeks as the quest for respective titles will heat up during the summer months.

To view the updated point standings, click here.

To view the updated Chassis Standings, click here

And to view the weekend schedule for the Summit Point Nationals, click here.

04.21.2016 – Gold Cup Awards Presentation Helps Highlight Opening Weekend

CONCORD, NC –  While weather played a big part on the front end of the season opening event for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series at 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida, Mother Nature couldn’t deter the smiles on the faces of countless recipients of Year End Points and Special Awards, as the World Karting Association hosted the annual awards presentation at the track Friday evening, following the wet weather practice day.

Among the many honorees was Aiden Baker Crouse, as the young competitor from North Carolina was recognized for his 3 titles from the 2015 season in the Sportsman Gas Lite, Heavy, and LO206 classes. And as soon as the 2015 awards were laid in the trailer, Crouse immediately went after more hardware, sweeping 7 wins on the race weekend.

Paul Headley also made history, going down as the champion in the last 2 Methanol classes that the series offered in 2015, taking the top honors in the Animal Medium and Animal Heavy Mix classes.

Matt Miller was also honored for his multiple championship efforts for the season, as the Maryland driver was recognized for his titles in the Brads Heating and Cooling Junior Pro Gas Animal Heavy and Junior LO206 Classes.

Fellow Maryland campaigner Jason Alder, now heading to the next level of his racing career in Legend Car racing, was also honored for his title in the Van K Wheels Junior Pro Gas Lite Class.

Jax Walker, one of many drivers graduating to the Sportsman ranks this year, was honored for his second consecutive Kid Kart Title, sponsored by Tyler Sandmeyer Racing.

In the Senior ranks, Floridian Sean Meier was recognized as the champion in the Coyote Motorsports Senior Pro Gas Class for 2015.

Austin Queen took down the Senior LO206 Class in 2015 as the final champion for the season.

All champions received their ceremonial Championship rings Friday evening, a big hit for all in attendance, as well as kart stands from RLV Tuned Exhaust Products, and a set of tires from Bridgestone, in addition to a variety of additional products and prizes.

Other Special Awards went to Bandit Racing Chassis of Winchester, Virginia, recipient of one of the most coveted awards in karting, the Manufacturers Championship Trophy, presented to the Chassis Manufacturer with the most wins in a season. This past year, Bandit edged past champion Razor Chassis by 4 wins, 26-22, with Arrow Chassis just 1 win behind Razor. Congratulations to Tommy Triplett and Bandit for their return to the top of the heap.

Maryland competitor Jacob Connors was honored for his efforts in his first full season of Senior competition, begin recognized as the Senior Rookie of the Year, while Riley Kelley received the Most Improved Junior Driver award for his improvement in the Sportsman ranks from 2014. Kelley has now moved to the Junior ranks this season, and will again be one to be reckoned with.

Another very special award to the Gold Cup Family went to the Talia Moffett Family, one of many very special families in the series, while Jimmy Cole Jackson received the Sportsmanship Award for his great attitude no matter what the circumstance.

Special recognition also went out to Art and Rod Verliengre of RLV Tuned Exhaust Products for their title sponsorship, as well as the following race sponsors:


Ionic Edge Chassis: Kyle Luttrell

Kart City Performance: Rob Smith

Michigan Kart Supply: Jerry Cole

GT Machine: Dave and Sue Koehler

Other sponsors recognized for their great contributions included:

Coyote Motorsports: Mark and Jim Lipari

Van K Wheels: Brian and Natalie Bass

Miller Welders: Andy Weyenburg

Briggs & Stratton Racing: Dave Klaus

Brads Heating and Cooling: Brad Farmer

Tyler Sandmeyer

Mikim Motorsports: Mike Greiner


Here’s a look at the final 2015 standings per class.

Animal Medium:

1 Paul Headley

2 Jim Lipari

3 Cayla Chapman


Junior Pro Gas Lite: Van K Wheels

1 Jason Alder

2 Matt Miller

3 Joshua Stark

4 Cody Hall

5 Brian Van Cleve

6 Alex Vrabel

7 Jimmy Cole Jackson

8 Talia Moffett

9 Austin Williamson


Sportsman Gas Lite:

1 Aiden Baker Crouse

2 Riley Kelley

3 Tanner Carter

4 Cale Hall

5 Macon Moore

6 Mark Steube


Senior Pro Gas: Coyote Motorsports

1 Sean Meier

2 Jacob Heavlow

3 Zach Linsell

4 Tyler Smith

5 Dustin Demattia

6 Aren Smith

7 Eric Fagan

8 Patrick O’Neal

9 Mike Greiner


LO206 Kid Kart: Tyler Sandmeyer

1 Jax Walker

2 Owen Lloyd

3 Blake Boon

4 Caleb Gafrarar


Senior LO206 Heavy

1 Austin Queen

2 Ben Wagenhals

3 Haley Kummer

4 No Award

5 Eric Fagan

6 Michael Clark

7 Brandon Murzynski

8 Patrick O’Neal

9 No Award

10 Chris Osgood


Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy:

1 Aiden Baker Crouse

2 Riley Kelley

3 Macon Moore

4 Mark Steube


Animal Heavy Mix:

1 Paul Headley

2 Josh Stiefel

3 Case Hall

4 No Award

5 Jacob Connors

6 Tim Stiefel

7 Andy Jones


Junior Pro Gas Heavy: Brads Heating and Cooling

1 Matt Miller

2 Alex Vrabel

3 Jason Alder

4 Joshua Stark

5 Jimmy Cole Jackson

6 Cody Hall

7 Brian Van Cleve

8 Talia Moffett

9 David Kalb Jr


Sportsman LO206: Miller Welders

1 Aiden Baker Crouse

2 Tanner Carter

3 Riley Kelley

4 Cale Hall

5 Mark Steube

6 Elijah Skaggs


Junior LO206:

1 Matt Miller

2 Cody Hall

3 Jimmy Cole Jackson

4 Jason Alder

5 Talia Moffett

6 Brian Van Cleve

On behalf of the World Karting Association, our sincerest congratulations and thanks to all for a great 2015 season, and an awesome start to the 2016 racing year. We look forward to seeing you all at Kershaw in June.

04.21.2016 – Competition Karting Inc. – Moving to New Heights

Midway, NC — John Klutz and staff are excited to announce the relocation of CKI to 2111 Gumtree Rd., Winston-Salem, NC on April 4, 2016. Our commitment to the karting/racing industry is stronger than ever. Service and dedication to both employees and clients remains second to none.
“My desire is to stay on the cutting-edge of racing and to provide not only high quality products to customers but also the service they deserve, CKI owner John said. People typically don’t care how much you know until they know you truly care. I have been a part of the go-kart racing family since my dad, Dan Klutz, began in 1959. It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to continue in this industry and serve karters each day.”
Hours of Operation:

Monday: 9:00-5:00                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tuesday: 9:00 – 7:00

Wednesday/Thursday: 9:00 – 5:00

Friday: 8:30 – 1:30

Please stop by, and visit our new facility or contact us for all your karting needs. The employees and I are eager to assist you!


John Klutz, President                                                                                                                               336-661-8500